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During this pandemic, we need each more than ever. So, for the next seven weeks, we are going to be looking for a rhythm of hope together.

This is all free. It's just... togetherness. If you're introverted, just follow along! If you're extroverted, pop into the comments section and chat away. If you have an existing community or small group or book club or congregation and want to use this to anchor your discussions, go for it!

You will receive reflection prompts and ways to connect with others in our community. There will be weekly videos from me, ideas you can use to orient your day, and free printables to encourage you as we learn to live #lifetogetherapart.

When you sign up, you'll receive free access to:

  • Short video teachings from Kate every week for seven weeks
  • Daily journaling pages (available to be printed or filled in digitally) with prompts for prayer, connection, and self-reflection
  • A community comment thread where we can connect with others who are living #LifeTogetherApart
  • Free quote printables and lockscreens
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Life Together