What To Expect

Uncertainty is a wilderness without signposts. When will it end? Will it always feel this awful? Why is this happening?

I’m Kate Bowler, a professor at Duke University, an expert in religious responses to uncertainty... and no stranger to this wilderness myself. I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer at age 35. I can’t un-know what it feels like to live in uncertainty.

Some people respond with well-meaning but unhelpful cliches like “Everything happens for a reason” or “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” But we don’t need empty platitudes, we need two things to face down the darkness: a community and a rhythm.

That’s why we at the Everything Happens Project have put together something for Easter. Because Easter isn't just a day. It's a whole season where we can figure out how to search for hope in a season of darkness. Each week, I will share a short video with you to start the discussion. We will have daily prayers, practices, and prompts to help us order our days and keep time together.

Because we may not know when uncertainty ends or why terrible things happen, but we do know this: we need one another to live life together apart.

Contact Us

Our team at Everything Happens is happy to help answer questions, get you logged in, and pray for you. Email us at hello@katebowler.com.